The Worlds Most Researched Bioavailable Curcumin Supplement

Genuine article! This product actually works. Have tried cheaper versions but they actually didn’t work

Vanessa NewtonVerified Biocurcumax Customer

Why Choose Biocurcumax ?

Research Based

The world’s most researched bioavailable curcumin with 75+ published studies.


100% Organic

Biocurcumax is 100% natural, vegan friendly and manufactured using solar energy.


High Bioavailibilty

700% more bioavailable than standard Curcumin 95% preparations


Way to a good healthy life! BCM 95 has been known to us for a while & me and my wife has seen significant improvement in our health owing to a good day to day life! We strongly recommend this to all our friends & family.

Subin JacobVerified Biocurcumax Customer

Curcumin, one of natures greatest gifts of health to the world

Supporting and managing a vast range of health conditions, Curcumin has been described as one of natures greatest gifts to mankind. However its poor absorption by the body is a challenge.

Biocurcumax (BCM-95® CURCUGREEN®) meets this challenge naturally and with a unique formula that enables maximum absorption – ensuring that  curcumin is available to the body for longest time possible to do its work.

BCM-95® CURCUGREEN® is active and available to the body for over 8 hours. It is 700% more potent than standard curcumin 95% preparations, is supported by 75+ published studies and is respected worldwide in over 60 countries.

Biocurcumax For All Round Health Support

Joint Health

Although effective conventional methods for reducing joint pain may produce side effects – particularly in long term use. Biocurcumax (BCM-95® Curcugreen®) patented formula works naturally to help ease inflammation without the negative side effects and is 100% natural

Immune System Support

Biocurcumax supports the growth of a strong immune system, helping our bodies to strengthen its own defence mechanism naturally whilst avoiding any harmful side effects. BCM-95® is trusted by customers in over 60 countries worldwide.

Mood & Stress Support

Curcumin has been shown to be effective in enhancing mood and managing stress. Biocurcumax offers a safe alternative for those searching for a natural alternatives.

powerful health promoting benefits from the colorful aromatic qualities of the Indian spice

Very good quality, Could not believe how quick I gained pain relief !

Ian MclennanVerified Biocurcumax Customer

High Quality & Safety

  • Non-GMO

  • 100% Organic

  • Non Toxic Additives

  • No Harmful Solvents

  • GMP Compliant

  • Seed To Product Traceability

Great product for joint pain! Started looking around for natural products for joint pain few months back.. BCM 95 was recommended by a doctor friend.. and woohoo!! It has worked wonders.. no niggling joint pain anymore..

Verified Biocurcumax Customer