Biocurcumax BCM-95

The World's Most Bioactive Curcumin.
100% BCM-95® (CURCUGREEN®) 100% Pure Extract of Turmeric. 100% Natural

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100% BCM-95® (CURCUGREEN®)

The Most Bioactive Curcumin On The Planet

Biocurcumax is a powerful, health promoting source of curcuminoids from the developers of BCM-95® (CURCUGREEN®). Biocurcumax is 100% BCM-95® – 100% natural extract of turmeric with the essential oils of the turmeric root. Curcuminoids are absorbed rapidly and naturally, unlike other supplements which require bioenhancers (such as piperine or lecithin) to aid absorption.

  • HIGH BIOAVAILABILITY: 7X more bioavailable than standard curcumin and 6X more bioavailable than curcumin/lecthin/piperine preparations.
  • HIGH BIOEFFICACY: remains  in the bloodstream for over 8 hours
  • essential oils/ root of plant /
  • EVIDENCE BASED: subject of over 50 clinical studies
  • SAFELY PREPARED: free from heavy metals, pesticides and harmful solvents like EDC (ethylene di-chloride), benzene, acetone or IPA (isopropyl alcohol).
The Science of Nature.


Bioturm is the UK stockist of Arjuna Natural extracts and products. Arjuna are the developers of BCM-95® (CURCUGREEN®) a 100% natural turmeric extract with a wide range of health benefits.

Respected globally for its positive effects on well being. It is the worlds preferred curcumin extract with a 15 year track record and a back catalog of over 50 clinical studies. We believe that natural solutions for the prevention of disease is the future of medicine and are passionate about working towards that future.


High Bioavailability.

High Bioefficacy

What is bioavailability and bioefficacy? Why do they matter?

Bioavailability refers to the amount of a nutrient circulating in the blood stream along with the ability of the body to absorb and make use of it.  Bioefficacy is the level of effectiveness of a nutrient. Bioavailability needs to be high for bioefficacy to be high – to give the body the best chance of absorption.

Curcumin is known for its poor bioavailability – this is why it’s commonly fused with other bioenhancers (substances increasing bioavailabilty) eg piperine.

Biocurcumax  achieves extremely high levels of bioavailabilty and bioefficacy by using the essential oils contained in the turmeric root –  no bioenhancers required.

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Bioturm Biocurcumax 100% Natural

The cultivation of the raw material used is carried out using organic practices. Biocurcumax is not genetically modified and is allergen free, BCM-95® is manufactured using only ethanol or ethyl acetate and does not contain any harmful solvents. Each batch of BCM-95® produced is tested at both our in-house lab and an external lab in the US for heavy metals including lead, arsenic, cadmium and mercury.


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Biorcurcumax Benefits

Joint Health

Anti Inflammatory

Cognitive Health

Utilisation of Essential Oils

100% Natural Composition

Evidence Based


The Most Bioactive Curcumin On The Planet