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What is Curcugreen?

The new brand name of Arjuna Ltd patented product BCM95.  BCM95 will be marketed to Europe and US markets as Curcugreen.

Why is BCM 95 priced higher than some other Curcumin products in the market?

Many products available on the market are comprised of whole herbs. Biocurcumax is produced using 95% Curcuminoid complex extracts of the active compounds of Turmeric, combined with the essential oils of turmeric, so there is a qualitative difference in the products. For example, you would have to take up to 500 capsules of plain turmeric to equal just one Biocurcumax capsule.

Is Biocurcumax vegetarian or vegan friendly?

Not only vegetarian, but also vegan friendly!

Are there any bulking agents or additives in Biocurcumax?

No. Biocurcumax capsules are 100% Pure Turmeric extract. The product does not contain any non-turmeric components to render curcumin more bioactive. Everything you find inside a Bioturm capsule comes directly from the dried turmeric root.

What is the recommended daily intake?

The recommendation is to consume 2 Tablets per day, One capsule in the morning and one at night, after food.