Biocurcumax 6 Month Supply



Anti-Inflammatory, Joint Pain Relief, Immune System Health

The Worlds Most Researched Bioavailable Curcumin With Over 68 Published Studies. 100% natural curcumin extract with a vast range of documented, health promoting benefits.


Our patented complex (BCM-95® Curcugreen®) synergistcally combines curcumin and the essential oils of the turmeric root which acts as a natural delivery system for Curcumin. The result is high bioavailability and sustained retention time in the body – over 8 hours! No need for bio-agents such as piperine or lecithin.



Biocurcumax (BCM-95®, CURCUGREEN®) 500mg Pure Turmeric Extract 60 Vegetarian Capsules Per Bottle.

Over 75 published Studies

700% More Bioavailable Than Standard Curcumin

Vegan Friendly

No Synthetic Compounds

Recommended Usage: Two capsules per day after food, one in the morning and one in the evening. 1 Bottle contains 1 month supply.

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