BCM-95® (Curcugreen®)


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Biocurcumax BCM-95® (CURCUGREEN®) is a powerful ,natural curcumin extract providing a  wide range of health related benefits including – genuine benefits in the management of joint pain , anti-viral/immune system building properties  depression and much more.

  • 95% Curcumin  + Turmeric Essential Oil Complex for maximum absorption
  • Active in the Bloodstream for over 8 hours
  • 700% More Bioavailable Than Standard Curcumin Preperations
  • 600% More Bioavailable Than Lecthin/Piperine Preparations.
  • Subject of 50+ Published Studies
  • Vegan Friendly
  • No Harmful Solvents
  • No Synthetic Compounds

Subject to over 50 published studies BCM-95® (CURCUGREEN®) has demonstrated genuine, positive results for a range of conditions including osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, depression and anxiety. Anti-viral effects of curcumin are well documented and may have positive implications for the current crisis – see here then here. Our patented blend of curcumin with the essential oils of the turmeric root ensures rapid absorption with no need of bio-agents such as piperine or lecithin.


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