Biocurcumax (BCM-95® Curcugreen®)


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Biocurcumax BCM-95® (CURCUGREEN®) The Worlds Most Researched Bioavailable Curcumin With Over 68 Published Studies. A 100% natural curcumin extract with a vast range of documented, health promoting benefits.

Our unique formula of curcumin with the essential oils of the turmeric root ensures maximum, rapid absorption with no need for bio-agents such as piperine or lecithin.

95% Curcuminoids  + Essential Oil Of Turmeric Complex For Maximum Absorption
Active In The Body For Over 8 Hours
700% More Bioavailable Than Standard Curcumin 95% Preparations
600% More Bioavailable Than Lecthin/Piperine Curcumin Preparations
68+ Published Studies
Vegan Friendly
No Harmful Solvents
No Synthetic Compounds

Biocurcumax® for

Great product for joint pain! Started looking around for natural products for joint pain few months back.. BCM 95 was recommended by a doctor friend.. and woohoo!! It has worked wonders.. no niggling joint pain anymore..
Biocurcumax Customer


Way to a good healthy life! BCM 95 has been known to us for a while & me and my wife has seen significant improvement in our health owing to a good day to day life! We strongly recommend this to all our friends & family.
Subin Jacob


Genuine article! This product actually works. Have tried cheaper versions but they actually didn’t work
Vanessa Newton


I can feel the difference! Try it – I hope it works as well for you as it does for me. Good luck , I hope you find some relief. This helps. Thank you to the manufacturer.
Biocurcumax Customer

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